Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paper planes in cumbia style

Paper planes by M.I.A. probably was one of the greatest songs last year and the whole album Kala ranks pretty high on my top ten of 2007. Paper planes is finally about to be released on a single with loads of remixes from names like DFA, Afrikan Boy & Blaqstar, Adrock, Diplo and Scottie B. Sounds good? Well, here's the catch: we still get to wait for it until the beginning of March.

With hits like this, it doesn't take long before a someone in the BA's electronic music scene - so fond of mashing up everything into a cumbia beat - comes up with a cumbia remix. So while waiting for the official versions, here is Sonido Martines' take on the song. Considering that M.I.A. hasn't been shy about putting influences and beats from every corner of the world into her music, I suppose this is quite fitting mash-up.

M.I.A - Paper Planes (Sonido Martines Guacharaca remix)
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Sonido Martines is an Argentinean DJ whose sets combine global urban music with a spectrum of traditional Latin American sounds. In his words, "Colombian cumbia meet vallenato and chicha, dub hits upon electronic music, and hip-hop gets married to Latin American street rhythms." He's also been organizing Festicumex-events - the name stands for Festival of Experimental Cumbias - together with the festival founder Dick el Demasiado. History of Festicumex is pretty amusing and you can read it from the Dick el Demasiado-interview already posted.

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