Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From Bay to BA

Oro11, featured briefly earlier in this blog, is launching his own record label Bersa Discos together with another immigrant DJ Disco Shawn. Label is aiming to come out with with their first EP of experimental cumbia later this month.

In their own words, "Bersa is the brainchild of Oro11 and Disco Shawn, two Bay Area DJs who moved to Buenos Aires (separately) and found themselves swimming in a sea of experimental cumbia mayhem. After hooking up in the Buenos Aires DJ circuit, the boys quickly realized that many of the local cumbia sounds were never being given a proper release. Bersa Discos was launched to change all that."

You can read more from Discobelle (one of my favourite blogs) and also grab songs by Daleduro and El Hijo del Cumbia, both artists often seen on the stage at Zizek. El Hijo del Cumbia takes pride in a sound that while modern and sample-based, has more in common with vintage cumbia from Colombia and Mexico than local villera. Daleduro on the other hand is known in Buenos Aires especially for his work of promoting genres like dubstep and grime. I've had the pleasure to witness his dubstep-sets a few times.

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