Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is this?

Welcome to Otra Luna, my blog. It's about things I find interesting - mainly art, design, cinema, culture in general - and especially music. In a way it's a travel blog, as I write about things I run into while hopping between my native country Finland and the southern hemisphere.

I wished to call this blog otro lado - other side - referring to the other side of a vinyl record and the other side of the planet, well, pretty much to the other side of anything - but the name was already taken. I thought this would have been kinda clever name, as it works both in Spanish and Portuguese, and the initial focus will be on Latin America, as I am currently living there.

Yet in future I will write about other places too. For an example there's a huge stack of Senegalese rap music, on old c-casettes, back in Helsinki - demanding to get rescued into digital format. I collected them while I was staying in Grand Yoff, Dakar, making the documentary Sunu Misik (Our Music) about young local rap-artists. Just to give an idea what to expect.

Anyway, this thus became other moon. The stars are different on the southern side of the globe, there's the Southern Cross you can't see up in Finland, for an example. Maybe the moon looks a little bit different too, then. So okay.

I stole the name from this song. It's an electronic tango from Carlos Libedinsky, one of the best artists in that scene. Take a listen.

Carlos Libedinsky (Narcotango) - Otra Luna (zShare)